Supervillain Glues Covid Site Doors

A Canadian white male – ugh, white males are the worst – allegedly glued the doors of a Covid vaccine clinic on Vancouver Island. Oh noes, those vital government “workers” had to go home for the day?

West Shore RCMP said on Sept. 29 staff at a vaccine clinic 2900-block of Jacklin Road in Langford reported that someone glued the door locks while the building was closed, making entry impossible.

The man would have been a hero if he glued the doors of the Vancouver Canucks arena.

Police released images of the suspect, who is described as a Caucasian man in his 50s, five feet eight inches, with a medium build and mustache. He was wearing a beige Tilley hat, glasses, blue plaid shirt and jeans, and black-and-white shoes. He was also wearing a black poncho.

I would describe it as a cape, because all supervillains wear capes. Even the new bisexual Superman.

“While we understand that not everyone shares the same beliefs during this pandemic, this act of mischief is a criminal offence and will be treated as such.”

Yes, we in America are fully aware of the RCMP’s fascism of late. You clowns are just one level away from aping Australia’s stormtroopers.