Biden Relaxes Sanctions On… Venezuela?

There is some good news coming out of the White House. We’re about to start drilling for oil again! Huzzah! Oh wait, did I mention the oil will be drilled in Venezuela by a fascist, murderous dictator who jailed the legitimate president of the country?

The good news is that the Biden administration is finally doing something about the Biden energy crisis, encouraging more oil drilling. The bad news is that the drilling will be taking place in Venezuela, not the United States. We saw some hints of this last month, but now it’s apparently official. Yesterday, in an effort to cut a deal with one of the worst socialist tyrants on the planet, Joe Biden lifted some of the sanctions on Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan oil giant PDVSA. The eased sanctions will allow for additional oil to flow from Venezuela and be exported to a world that is currently running out of energy at an alarming pace.

In fairness, Biden is also a tyrant, so you could understand why he’d ease sanctions on Maduro.

So we can’t get a new pipeline built or a new drilling permit issued in the United States, but we’re going to let Venezuela open the taps and begin cashing in on its reserves of black gold? One question we might ask is how we’re apparently doing business with Nicolas Maduro when we don’t even recognize him as the legitimate president of Venezuela. What happened to Juan Guaido? He’s supposedly the president that most of the world recognizes. Oh, that’s right. He spends about half of his time in jail.

I mean, yeah, we’ll eventually get oil from Venezuela, but how much will it cost? Maduro is a dictator, but he’s not stupid. He is going to make sure the prices skyrocket, so he can stuff his coffers while his citizens die of malnourishment.

Well done, “President” Biden. You’re now in bed with a murderous thug.