Days Of Blunder

During yesterday’s Caption Contest Winners post, Mike AKA Proof noticed I listed five entries but typed “Top Three Entries.” I noted I was having a terrible, awful, no good day, so I figured I’d take a moment to – like Clarissa – explain it all.

Every Spring I suffer through severe vertigo. My neurologist believes if has something to do with the pollen count, and my allergic reactions. It throws off my equilibrium, and I’ve been staggering around the office all day. Better yet, my sergeant was walking behind me as I was bracing myself against the hall, and when my lieutenant walked by, the sergeant quipped, “He’s been drinking all day, boss.” Thanks, dude. Really.

Halfway through the day, Mrs. Earp sends me a text message stating the team bus left school for their lacrosse game without Kyle. Apparently no one took a head count, so they just left. Now maybe it’s just me, but in two decades of coaching, I have always – ALWAYS – taken roll before the bus pulled out. I immediately sent a text to the head coach – who I am starting to dislike more every day – asking him to wait a minute for Kyle, and ten minutes later he responds with, “Oh, we’re already on the road.”


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