Did France Finally Wake Up?

Police in the city of Villejuif shot and killed a man who was stabbing pedestrians inside a park near Paris. Guess if you can determine his religious affiliation.

French police shot dead a man on Friday after he went on a rampage with a knife in a park, killing one person and wounding two more, prosecutors said.

Religious documents including a copy of the Koran were found among the man’s belongings, but there was no evidence the man had been influenced by radical Islamists, a spokesman for prosecutors said.

No evidence? Wait, what?!! Okay, I guess France is still more concerned with political correctness than their non-terrorist citizens.

The attacker had a history of mental illness, had been admitted to hospital, and was undergoing a course of psychiatric treatment, the spokesman said.

Maybe the mental illness came about from his radical Islamist indoctrination?