Taking The “Virgin” Out Of Virgin Islands

An indictment has been released for congressional staffers who stole and distributed naked photos and videos of Virgin Islands Congressional Delegate Stacey Plaskett.

In March 2016, Plaskett entrusted her iPhone and its password to staffer Juan McCullum, who, the indictment alleges, copied the nude images and videos after offering to take the phone to an Apple store for repairs.

In July 2016, McCullum, who had left Plaskett’s office, allegedly created a Hotmail account and “sent at least eleven email messages to multiple persons, including politicians, members of the media, and other persons known to [Plaskett].”

At least 10 of the emails contained “one or more of the nude images and videos.”

Damn, I was hoping the congress-critter involved would’ve been Rosa Delauro (D- Vulcan). She’s hawt.