Buy Low, Sell High

Meet Mahbuba Mammadzada (common spelling).

Mahbuba is a model who’s waiting for her big break, but in the meantime, she discovered a way to make money by selling off her assets.

Mahbuba Mammadzada, 23, said she was taking part in the bizarre sale “to make her mum proud”.

A politician from Japan is believed to have paid the highest bid after she auctioned her virginity on the German-based Cinderella Escorts site.

Wait, this broad believes selling her virginity would make her mother proud? There’s obviously something wrong with her Mahbuba Mammadzada.

The model from Azerbaijan wants to use the money raised from the sale to travel the world with her mum. Mahbuba also has a certified medical note confirming her virginity.

How is that a thing, and what exactly does the confirmation entail?

Under her profile name “Maria”, she says she also is looking for a sugar daddy to provide her with a monthly allowance of around £26,000.

Well, good luck with that. I mean Mahbuba is attractive enough, but I don’t think anyone is paying that kind of scratch on a monthly basis.

Indecent Ho-posal

The innocent, chaste, churchgoing Romanian woman who sold her virginity to the highest bidder is now claiming she lied about the entire event. Wow, when a hoor can’t tell the truth…

Aleexandra Kefren, 19, auctioned herself off to the highest bidder on notorious website Cinderella Escorts in November, 2016.

At the time, the then 18-year-old told the hosts that she was inspired by the 1993 film Indecent Proposal, and needed the money to stop her parents being evicted from their home. Bidding started at $1 million (£700,000) and four months later in March, 2017, Cinderella Escorts announced that the Romanian teenager had sold her virginity for a staggering €2.3 million (£2m).

A year later, Aleexandra has come forward claiming it was all a publicity stunt for a website that allegedly tricks young women into sex work by making them believe they can make thousands.

“Tricks.” What an odd choice of words. I love how these bints lie to the world, collect their payday, then try to ease their consciences with some b.s. apology. Go frak yourself, Aleexandra… or some random stranger.