Find This, You Must Do

An enterprising 3D printer artist has created a Baby Yoda toothpaste topper.

The best part? When you squeeze the toothpaste, it gushes through the Yoda’s mouth like vomit.

What’s not to love?

SnowBloom3d has created an absolutely adorable Baby Yoda toothpaste topper that fits onto any size tube. When the tube is put into use, little Grogu happily vomits as much toothpaste as desired right onto a waiting toothbrush.

This is the Way… to fewer Cavities! Cute Baby Yoda toothpaste topper. Just screw this on and squeeze to make the toothpaste come out of his mouth!

I’d probably buy this for my kids, but Kevin thinks Baby Yoda is the stupidest creation of all time.