True Detective Stories

Since I am now effectively living behind enemy lines in occupied territory, I figured I would take a moment to describe what is happening in Philadelphia.

After the shooting of knife-wielding Walter Wallace, Jr. by police, residents in many sections of Philadelphia started rioting, looting, burning, and assaulting police officers Monday evening. The most egregious event was a truck plowed through a line of cops and struck a 56-year old female officer, shattering her femur. At that age, and considering her injuries, she will likely never return to work.

Tuesday night was grand. We had riots, lootings, burnings, and over thirty officers assaulted with bottles, rocks, and bricks. At one point, the mob descended on a neighborhood’s five-block long set of strip malls, and took most everything in every store. At one point, a supervisor stated his group “lost the block” and asked radio what were the upper echelon officers’ orders.


The supervisor was becoming agitated because he officers were being assaulted and no one from the command staff would tell him to retreat. Eventually, the supervisor went over the air and said, “Will you make a fucking decision?!!” Moments later, a Deputy Commissioner told the supervisor to “hold the line.”

The supervisor, who I worked with and know fairly well, replied, “We’re pulling back.” I’m surprised he didn’t tell the Deputy to f**k right off…

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