No, This Was Not My House

A Washington County, Pennsylvania residence was burglarized after a thief took – get this – thirty pounds of gold and silver. Like actual gold and silver coins. I despise the banks, too, but what the hell?

Turns out a home stockpiled with pounds and pounds of sliver and gold was no Fort Knox.

Instead, the Washington County, Pa. home housing all those precious metals became the scene of a relatively simple burglary over the weekend.

Pa. state police tell WTAE the burglar or burglars broke a backdoor window, entered the home and stole two cardboard boxes containing silver coins and bars, as well as some gold coins.

I would like to think the thief would take the booty home, but since it’s Pennsylvania, the burglar likely intends to melt the gold and create a solid gold Penn State football helmet.

Creek Fishing… It’s A Gas

A creek in Washington County, Pennsylvania – obviously – has been polluted with nearly 6,000 gallons of gas leaked from a Kwik Fill gas station.

Officials with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission said about 5600 gallons of gasoline spilled into a Washington County creek on Sunday afternoon. The spill happened near the corner of Route 519 and Route 136 in Somerset Township.

Officials called it “a very significant pollution” that had already killed 1000 fish by Monday afternoon along Little Chartiers Creek.

The source of the gas was an underground storage container at a nearby Kwik Fill gas station. Company officials said they were working with local and state agencies to clean up the spill. People living in the area reached out to Channel 11 and said they have been extremely sick from the intense fumes.

If 1,000 fish were killed on Monday, I’d wager thousands more are dead by now. Way to go, Kwik Fill; Exxon thanks you for getting them off the hook.