Wedding Crashers, Volume Three

Britney Spears got married for the third time Thursday, and the event went smoothly until Spears’ first husband decided to crash the wedding, and got himself arrested..

Britney Spears’ wedding to fiancé Sam Asghari was interrupted on Thursday by the pop star’s ex-husband, Jason Alexander, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to Variety.

Britney Spears married George Costanza? Oh, there’s apparently another Jason Alexander.

Sergeant Cyrus Zadeh said that the Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Spears’ residence in Thousand Oaks, Calif. to investigate a trespassing complaint, during which they made contact with Alexander. Alexander was found to have an out of county warrant and was placed under arrest for that offense. Deputies are still on scene investigating what occurred, and then will determine if additional charges will be placed on Alexander in relation to the alleged trespassing.

For the record, I like Britney Spears. She’s had a very hard life, thanks to her parents and sister’s constant manipulation of the singer. I sincerely hope this wedding is successful, and Alexander stays the hell away from her.

Flower Scour

Meet Jordanne McLaughlin of Port Glasgow, Scotland.

Jordanne was married last year, and like any bride, she wanted everything to be perfect. So when her flower bouquet allegedly never arrived, she immediately demanded her money returned from the business.

Jordanne McLaughlin had ordered a £100 bouquet of fake flowers from decor company Forever To Hold last year, but claimed the flowers never arrived. She contacted the co-owner Sarah Weatherill, 34, who runs the business with mother-in-law Lisa Husband, 46, asking for her money back – despite them having proof of postage.

After five months of dispute Sarah refunded the money to Jordanne, Port Glasgow, Scotland, who immediately blocked the florists from contacting her again.

Sarah and her mother-in-law thought no more about the incident until Sarah came across Jordanne’s Facebook profile again on March 10 – and was astonished to see pictures of her clutching the bouquet on her wedding day.

‘To us £100 is a lot of money. But we refunded her because we wanted to keep our customer service reputation.

The dichotomy of this story is amazing. On one hand, we have Jordanne, who is obviously a despicable, disgusting scammer, and on the other we have Weatherill and Husband, who accommodated the scammer in order to maintain their terrific reputation. One party needs to be rewarded handsomely, and one party needs to be publicly shunned.

Caption Contest Winners

The Wedding Slinger Caption Contest has now concluded.

Top Three Entries:
3. “They all said I had a disarming personality! What went wrong?” – Mike47
2. Although polygamy with his nine pregnant brides was a distinct possibility, there was some discussion as to who would be his #1 wife. – Proof

WINNER! – Wyatt is regretting sneaking into the all women’s commune and spreading his seed! – Metoo