This Guy Made A Meth Of Things

Meet Roy Porter of West Virginia. Roy was driving down the highway, minding his own business, when he was stopped for a traffic violation. Porter cooperated with police, and when he went to give the officer his registration, he gave him something else entirely.

On April 17, officers with the Bridgeport Police Department were conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle for improper registration while at mile marker 125 on I-79, according to a criminal complaint.

Officers spoke with the vehicle’s driver, Roy Porter, 57, who handed officers a packet that they thought was the registration of the vehicle, however, a small plastic bag fell out. Inside the bag, were “a couple pieces of crystal-like substance,” and officers led a K9 unit around the area of the vehicle to perform a free-air sniff which resulted in a positive indication.

Porter was found to be in possession of 4 grams of meth, and a passenger in the vehicle, Jared Mayle, 21, of Salem, had 220 grams of meth.

Wow, Porter doesn’t look like a junkie. He does, however, resemble Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

Recruitment Visit #1 Was A Success

So Thursday afternoon Erik and I traveled to Alderson Broaddus University in Philippi, West Virginia. The school has been recruiting him for their lacrosse team, so we took two days to visit the campus, talk to the coach and learn about the school.

The journey was 350 miles from Philadelphia, but amazingly, the ride was really nice. The PA Turnpike, then parts of Maryland, and right into West Virginia. We stayed in a hotel Thursday night because the meeting was not scheduled until Friday at 11am. I’ll say this, because everyone always makes fun of West Virginia; the state is truly gorgeous, especially as the leaves turn colors. It is also, from what we’ve seen, it is very, very red. We saw more Trump flags and banners than I would have imagined.

I’ll also say West Virginians, for the most part are incredibly nice. We stopped at a few gas stations, rest, stops, and stores, and everyone was genuinely nice. When we arrived on campus, we didn’t know the lay of the land, and a student came over, gave us directions, and said, “Have a nice day.”

We arrived on campus and headed to the building to meet the lacrosse coach. The guy was much larger than I thought – tall, not fat – and he was extraordinarily nice. Erik filled out the application, and received a folder of all the things he needed to do to apply. He also said 70% of the students there participate in athletics.

The coach gave us a tour of the campus and its facilities, and offered us a history lesson, to boot. At the top of the campus hill, there are concrete placements where cannons were installed. On June, 3, 1861, the Battle of Philippi was fought – the first organized land battle of the Civil War -although it was more of a skirmish…

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Country Road, Take Me Home

Two years ago, Kyle and I took a few road trips to check out colleges who were interested in recruiting him for lacrosse. Georgian Court University (NJ), Heidelberg University (OH), and the University of Dallas (TX).

Later today, Erik and I will be making our first recruitment stop at Alderson Broaddus University, in Philippi, West Virginia.

The lacrosse coach there was interested in Erik almost immediately. After checking out Erik’s game films and his 74% faceoff win rate – 40% is considered good – he started sending Erik some messages to get him to check out the campus. We were sure Erik would want to stay close to home, so looking at West Virginia was a nice surprise.

The trip should last about six hours, but that’s nothing for a guy who drives down to the Outer Banks every year. Thanks to the Chinese Wuhan Virus, there are no longer overnight visits – where you can get a better feel for the school and the people – but we’ll see how everything goes. Hopefully, he’ll have a good time.

Erik has a few colleges to choose from – fifty-three college coaches followed him – and I learned a lot from Kyle’s experience. I still blame myself for pushing Dallas, especially after Kylee said he wanted to come home. I’ll let Erik make all the decisions, and support him in whatever he chooses.

P.S.I’ll try to have posts up today and tomorrow – the actual tour is set for tomorrow at 11am – but I’m not sure how often I’ll be online.

“Moderate” Senator To Oust Colleagues

Leftist West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is planning on using the 14th Amendment to expel certain GOP senators for their part in challenging the certification of the stolen election. I know I said I’d try to steer clear of politics, but this will trickle down. They’ll try to expel senators, then businesses, then you, all for your wrong-think.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), thought to be a moderate in the increasingly polarized chamber, indicated Sunday that he is open to using the 14th Amendment to expel Republican lawmakers who objected to the certification of Electoral College results.

In an interview with PBS’ “Firing Lines,” Manchin said that the move should “absolutely” be considered after riotous supporters of President Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, supposedly charged by rhetoric characterizing the 2020 presidential election as fraudulent.

Except the vote was fraudulent, and it was stolen by the Democrats after a group of blue cities all shut down ballot counting at the exact same moment. Make no mistake; the conservative purges will continue for the duration of Biden’s illegitimate term.

“Absolutely that should be a consideration,” Manchin said when asked by PBS reporter Margaret Hoover if the 14th Amendment should be invoked against Republican Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Josh Hawley (Mo.), both whom were among the more vocal of a group of Republican senators who objected to Electoral College certification in battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Arizona.

The First Amendment is dying, if it’s not already dead. The Democrats “won” the presidency, the House and the Senate, but that wasn’t enough. Their mission now is to destroy conservatives.

The Pool Will Be Closed Indefinitely

A fire at a West Virginia resort leveled the structure and the surrounding area.

A fast moving fire destroyed the lodge at Avalon Resort near Paw Paw on Tuesday. Volunteer firefighters from three states battled the blaze, which was first reported about 4 p.m. There were reportedly no injuries.

“Due to an emergency the Avalon Lodge and Indoor Aquatics Center is closed until further notice. More details will be posted as they become available,” read the post.

Why would I bother with such an insignificant post? Read on…

According to its website, Avalon is a clothing-optional resort located on over 140 acres of woodland.

So… this was a wiener roast?

Fire Down Below

Meet McKayla Biedenbach and Creio Bishop of Huntington, West Virginia. Creio is a simple man with simple tastes, but instead of dropping to his knees and thanking Vishnu someone like McKayla would open her legs for him, Creio chose a different path.

Creio Bishop, 21, was arrested and charged with second-degree arson for allegedly setting fire to JB’s Gentleman’s Club at 3330 US 60.

According to a statement from State Fire Marshal, the blaze ignited just after 3.30am on Wednesday, after which Bishop fled on foot from the scene – but he did not get far. When questioned about his motive, the 21-year-old ‘excitedly stated he was tired of his girlfriend working at JB’s, so he set it on fire.‘

No injuries were reported as a result of the fire, which scorched the front door, siding, wall, air conditioning unit and surveillance camera at the adult night club.

McKayla is a pretty girl, and has a fantastic Michelle Trachtenberg vibe going on. Creio is a human slug who shouldn’t be allowed to date humans, let alone a stripper. The man is too ugly for West Virginia – if that’s possible – and he ruined a good thing because he tried to use his pea-sized brain.

Enjoy prison, fat boy.