True Detective Stories

So, I effectively had four days off these past few days. I took a vacation day Thursday, and had CPR training Friday.

When I arrived there were a few jobs waiting for me, including a robbery from Thursday.

As I checked the list, our favorite defective was up first. That’s right, Diego the Idiot Detective received the robbery report, and when he walked by my desk, he whined like a little bitch.

“How is this my job?” he asked.
“Because you were the last detective with an arrest.”

“No I wasn’t!”
(Shows Diego the list from the previous day.)
“Oh, I guess I did have the last arrest.”

Meanwhile, I received a few texts from the Red Menace while I was at CPR. Apparently the air conditioning died – again – and the city placed some portable air conditioners in our building. The problem was they forgot the tubes which push the hot air through the windows. So, the a/c was effectively useless.

Enter Diego.

Diego apparently turned on the air conditioner anyway, knowing it would blast hot air in the division, and the Red Menace said it rose the temperature to 95 degrees. Everyone – including the supervisor – told this dullard to turn off the a/c, but Diego refused. Suffice to say, he is being ignored this week.