True Detective Stories

While I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had an encounter with Diego The Idiot Detective, but I didn’t think it would happen a half hour into my first day back.

Since this dolt was working the front desk while I was on vacation, he was first up for an arrest, and a firearms arrest was waiting as we walked in the door. I may have mentioned this before, but gun arrests now have all new protocols for processing. The gun needs to be swabbed for DNA, as does the offender (after search warrants are obtained), and more forms need to be completed; preferably be someone competent.

The irony of the new protocols is the Soros-appointed D.A. will simply drop the charges anyway.

After processing the arrest and getting the story from the officers, Diego started his White Paper – a document which is sent to bosses city-wide. The WP has specifically defined guidelines, which are identical for every division. The sergeant was patiently waiting for the paper, so he could make the necessary corrections. (Corrections for Diego are a given, despite the fact he claims he’s wicked smaht.)

9am: Diego turns in his first draft. After a cursory inspection, the sergeant rejects the WP for spelling. Oh, Diego also had the wrong defendant’s name on the paper, and had another detective listed as the assigned. The jackass used someone else’s white paper and forgot to change the names…

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