Cummings And Goings

Before we begin, I do not like Whitney Cummings. The actress/comedian is – in my opinion – not funny and not a fan of conservatives. That said, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and in this case, Whitney threw out a truth bomb last week.

You see, Cummings, like most of us, is sick and tired of the lockdowns, and she decided to vent her anger at her hypocritical Hollywood compatriots.

Whitney Cummings made her caustic comment in a tweet Friday as tens of millions of Californians hunker down for another stay-at-home order that will essentially prevent people from leaving their homes except for essential activities.

The mandate is expected to wreak further economic devastation throughout California, hitting the restaurant industry especially hard.

“It’s amazing how wealthy Hollywood people want everyone to say home except grocery workers and Postmates and Amazon delivery people and nannies,” Cummings noted.

Cummings, in that single sentence, described the hypocrisy of “our betters” in politics and entertainment perfectly. The lockdowns don’t affect politicians, and they don’t affect the wealthy. They can look down from their ivory towers and wag their fingers at us because they have no stakes in the game. Their food is delivered, their needs are met, and if they want to go out to eat, they can; and if they get caught, they apologize and all is forgiven.

America has become two countries; one country is ruled by laws, and the other is ruled by entitlement.