The Hoooooe Train!

Meet Summer Rae, a student at the University of Buffalo who was boinking married Buffalo Bills player Jordan Poyer. The relationship went sour, and now the happy couple are warring with Summer.

Buffalo Bills’ player Jordan Poyer, 27, has found himself caught in the middle of an Instagram war between his wife Rachel Bush, 20, and ex-fling Summer Rae.

Rae took to Instagram on Monday night to share dozens of texts she has received from Bush, claiming the Instagram model has been incessantly harassing her.

In one of the texts Bush appears to tell Rae that her ‘life is over b***h’ and that she will ‘literally have everyone and their brother beat your a**’.

‘Go back and enjoy your hoe life while we live our best lives,’ another message from Bush to Rae reads.

If anyone was wondering why the Buffalo Bills are always awful, my guess is their wide receivers spend too much time catching mistresses instead of footballs.