DeBary Diner Is DePlace To Be

Meet Angie Ugarte of DeBary, Florida. After an ISIS terrorist killed thirteen American soldiers, Angie made the decision to ban Biden supporters from her restaurant. Shortly thereafter, the diner had to close… because the business ran out of food.

Following the Kabul airport attack that killed 13 United States service members and almost 200 civilians late last month, DeBary Diner owner Angie Ugarte posted a sign in the DeBary, Florida, restaurant’s window informing those who “voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan” to take their “business elsewhere.”

Angie is a true American hero.

After various news outlets wrote about the sign this week, Ugarte was met with an overwhelming crush of diners to the point that the business ran out of food and was forced to close.

“I’ve gotten so many people calling me from all over the world, from Europe, trying to purchase meals for veterans, which I still haven’t been able to organize,” Ugarte told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “I think that the veterans will be fed for the rest of the year at the rate I’m getting donations.”

The left has spent decades trying to cancel conservatives for their “wrong-think.” It’s nice to see an American patriot turning the tables on the opposition.