Uppity Brits Get Uppity

Good news, everyone! Women of the U.K. have finally be released from their chains of bondage, now that they may wear trousers to a high society event.

Women can now wear trousers at the Henley Royal Regatta everywhere after it changed its “draconian” dress code.

Previously women could only wear a dress or skirt with a hemline below the knee to gain access to the Steward’s Enclosure at the annual event in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

I love the fact the writer claims the dress code is “Draconian.” It would be Draconian if they were forced to wear corsets and hoop skirts. We’re talking about dresses and skirts, which aren’t exactly brutally uncomfortable. Cripes, what the hell happened to England?

For the first time in decades women can now wear trousers and trouser suits.

Regatta chairman Sir Steve Redgrave said organisers believed women should wear trousers if they wished to.

Or, they could stop being uppity bitches and put on a dress. Think about it; this is a prestigious event held by the hoi polloi, so there should be a strict dress code.

Years ago, you had to dress up to take an airline flight. They loosened the rules, and now you’re sitting next to some blue-haired leftist with a t-shirt branded with “F**k You” on the front.

In ten years, the Henley Royal Regatta will look like Woodstock. That’s not a compliment.