A Note On WordPress Ads

My Eyes The Goggles Do Nothing

In its continuing effort to keep its websites free, the people at WordPress place advertisements on their hosted blogs. The ads are only a minor inconvenience, mostly because the author cannot see them when he or she is logged in. The ads are only visible to the readers. Which brings me to my point.

Apparently readers have been seeing advertisements for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign here on the blog, and are upset because their faces keep melting.

For the record, I have no control over the content of the WordPress ads, and obviously, I do not necessarily agree with their subject matter. (Unless, of course, it is an ad for Brooklyn Decker’s fine milk-fed cans.)

I would rather pluck out my own eyes before voting for Hillary Clinton. I would rather have sex with Representative Rosa DeLauro than vote for Hillary Clinton. I would rather crush my private parts with a hydraulic press than vote for Hillary Clinton.

So yes, I apologize for the Hillary ads, but neither I, nor this blog, would ever endorse that lying, ham-cankled manatee. F**k her and everybody who looks like her.