A Heart-Wrenching Situation

Doctors performed emergency surgery on a Chinese man after he got his penis stuck in a wrench. The wrench had a hold on the man’s penis for a day before it was removed.

A Chinese man had his penis freed from a tiny wrench last week after getting it stuck for nearly a day. The 37-year-old was sent to hospital in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, after his trapped penis had swollen and turned purple.

Doctors and firefighters, who failed to free the man, had to call in dentists to help remove the wrench using a dental drill.

He reportedly got his genitals trapped in the metal tool and was sent to the Taizhou Hospital at 9:30pm on June 2. It remains unclear why the man’s penis had been stuck.

Obviously the man wanted his nuts tightened, and what better tool for the job than a wrench? This is apparently a fairly common malady, because I posted about an Australian man doing the same thing last year. I should probably try on for myself to see what all the hubbub is about.

The Right Tool For The Job

Penis WrenchAn Australian man apparently had one too many Foster’s Lagers last week, before grabbing a wrench and, um, tightening his nuts.

A MAN was left red-faced when firefighters had to be called to hospital to remove a tool from his penis. The man became stuck after his penis swelled up in the ring spanner on Monday and was he unable to remove it.

Tweed firefighters say it not uncommon for them to be called to such jobs where people leave it too late to ask for help.

That’s because the jerkoff spent so much time trying to jerk the tool off. Guys, your penis is only supposed to placed in a few designated places, and none of them should set off a metal detector. Well, unless your partner has braces.