Feel Stories Of The Highway Patrol

Meet Summer Watkins and Yordan Noa of Naples, Florida.

Summer and Yordan – if that is his real name – are haplessly, hopelessly, helplessly in love, and when they were pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol and placed into the cruiser, they started getting, uh, a little anxious.

Summer Watkins and Yordan Noa, 24, were seated in the police vehicle after Noa’s BMW was pulled over early Thursday since he was driving with a suspended license. Cops planned to transport the duo to nearby Shell station in Naples where they could “make arrangements to get home,” according to an arrest report.

When Noa joined her in the patrol car, Watkins asked a cop, “What if I suck his d*ck back here?” The officer replied that she could not do that. Watkins, however, persisted: “Can I suck his d*ck back here?” The officer responded, “No.”

This may shock you, but Summer does not take no for an answer. She does take other things, though.

When the cop closed the vehicle’s rear door and walked away for a few minutes, Watkins and Noa–neither of whom was handcuffed–engaged in sexual activity that was recorded by the “prisoner compartment camera.”

After Noa exposed his penis, Watkins began performing oral sex on him. Watkins, cops noted, “can be heard saying ‘f*ck Five-O’ while giving oral sex.”

Summer did not in fact f*ck the five-o, which means she’s just a liar, isn’t she?